British man killed in horrific Lisbon derby football violence

A British man was left for dead in a night of violence preceding last Saturday’s football derby between ‘top teams’ Benfica and Sporting (see update below).

Marco Ficini, 41, was a former British restaurant manager who worked in high-end eateries around Manchester.

He had travelled over to Lisbon especially for the game, and was a well-known Juve Leo Sporting supporter.

CCTV footage “leaves no margin for doubt” over his death, said national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

A car carrying Benfica supporters “accelerated” as it approached him, hitting Ficini at high speed.

He had “no chance”, said the paper, adding that the car sped off, with its occupants inside “leaving the body on the ground without offering any kind of help”.

Homeowners aware of the horror that took place outside Estádio da Luz on a night marked with gang-related upsets called emergency services. But there was nothing to be done.

Ficini’s body was taken for autopsy as eye witness reports talk of chaos in the road, with gangs breaking motorists’ windows and battering their cars.

Said one: “My son’s life was in danger, just because he was passing by in his car on his way home”.

The young man’s car was “destroyed with sticks and iron bars”, said the woman.

Ficini’s death occured in the early hours of Saturday morning, ahead of the game which ended with a 1-1 draw.

According to CM, the Italian born Brit had a police record in Italy for football violence.

This is not borne out by reports in the British press which simply present him as a professional in his field who will be sorely missed.

Ficini was believed to have been back living in his native Italy when he travelled over to Lisbon last week.

Condemning the violence, football bosses held a minute’s silence over Ficini’s death before the game at 8.30pm on Saturday.


Police are reported to know the identity of the driver of the Renault car that killed Ficini.

Correio da Manhã writes that a manhunt is underway, while an investigation into Ficini’s death has been officially opened by the Attorney General’s office.

According to updated information, Ficini’s body was dragged 30 metres after being hit.

The dead man’s mother and a brother are now in Portugal “to accompany the investigation and deal with the transfer of the body (for burial)”, adds the paper.

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