British man dies at sea

A British man, aged 66, died after falling from a sail boat into the sea around 35 nautical miles from the coast of Portimão on January 7.

Russell Tapp, who was aboard the Malaika along with five other crew members, was found dead by a navy ship in the early hours of January 8. A spokesman from the navy told the Algarve Resident that the alarm was raised at 9.35pm on January 7 through the maritime search and rescue centre in Lisbon.

An air force helicopter was dispatched as well as three navy ships from the Sagres life boat station to search for the man.

The search ended at 2.15am when one of the navy ships found the body, which was taken to the morgue at Faro hospital.

A spokesman from the British Embassy told the Algarve Resident: “The British consulate in Portimão is providing consular assistance to the family.”