British magazine says TAP has “world’s most handsome crew”

British magazine Monocle has named Portuguese airline TAP as the airline “with the most handsome crew in the world”.

The accolade was awarded to the airline in the magazine’s Travel Top 50 — an annual list selected by the magazine’s editors.

In the December/January edition of the magazine, Monocle wrote: “It feels a bit 1950s to be talking about attractive flight crew but, let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy being served by a handsome fella with a nice smile and a twinkle in his eye?

“The largely Portuguese crew embodies many of the nation’s best traits: they’re friendly, welcoming and multilingual (they must speak Portuguese, English and a third language),” the magazine went on.

Business Insider also ran the story, providing a round-up of the history of TAP and showing many photographs of the crew posted online by the airline’s social media teams.

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