British golfers join calls for air bridge to Portugal

A survey of UK golfers has highlighted that eight out of 10 (82%) think the UK Government should “immediately create an air-bridge with Portugal”.

Nearly seven out of 10 golfers have said they will travel to Portugal in 2020 whatever happens.

The news from UK marketing consultants Cadence comes as radio chat shows in UK are either openly advising upset callers to ‘ignore quarantine, no-one checks on you’ or hearing from would-be or returning holidaymakers that they have lost all faith in government decision makers.

Jamie O’Doherty, Country Golf Director for membership club MDHIO* told Cadence: “It’s a tragedy, I’ve lived here in the Algarve for sixteen years and it’s desperately sad to see the golf clubs, bars and restaurants empty. We have 75,000 members who enjoy playing golf in the Algarve, let’s get the air bridge open and kick start the economy here”.

How successful this latest call will be however remains a total mystery.

British authorities have been accused of making their ‘travel guidance’ up as they go along.

Last night reports in UK suggested ministers were considering reducing quarantine requirements from 14 to 10 days if people could show a ‘negative’ test result. This morning this ‘news’ has been refuted, putting yet more strain on the battered travel industry.

*MDHIO – Million Dollar Hole in One is a course-side competition hosted at many of the Algarve golf courses. Golfers that hit a hole in one win an expenses paid trip to The Masters and a chance to hit a hole in one to win a million dollars.