In much happier times, Sue Clarke poses with husband Roger

British ‘drug gran’ dies alone in Portuguese jail

Just as she feared, a British grandmother convicted of smuggling cocaine while on a luxury cruise, has died alone in a Portuguese jail.

The UK Express broke the news today, describing ‘insiders’ as saying Susan Clarke’s final days were spent in “so much pain” in a “rat infested cell”.

According to the report, doctors in Portugal “decided there was nothing they could do for her –  so they left her to complete her sentence in the EP Tires prison in Lisbon … without treatment”.

Whether that is true is unclear. But it is just the end the 72-year-old predicted for herself (click here) as her husband has been battling to get the couple transferred to the UK to serve the remainder of their sentences.

As the Express explains, the couple both pleaded not guilty to the charges, saying they thought they were smuggling exotic fruit not cocaine – but their past convictions for drug smuggling saw them both jailed for eight years (click here).

A source from the British Foreign Office is quoted as saying nothing more than : “We are supporting the family of a British woman who died in Portugal”.

There are not thought to be many British women in Tires prison, but those that have been there in the past describe fairly harrowing conditions.