British Consulate to introduce biometric passports from May

THE BRITISH Consulate in Lisbon will begin issuing biometric passports with effect from May 29, 2006. The cut-off date for accepting applications for the current format, machine-readable passports is Friday, May 19. Applications received by the Consulate in Lisbon after this date will be processed under the biometric system and will attract the new biometric passport fee, 142 euros.

The Consulates in Portimão, Funchal and Ponta Delgada will stop accepting applications for forwarding on to Lisbon from May 17. From this date on, all applications should be mailed direct to the Consulate in Lisbon. The address is British Consulate, Rua de São Bernardo, 33, 1249-082 Lisboa.  

IMPORTANT! The standard of photographs you attach to your application is critical and if these do not meet the required standard your application will be returned. For guidance on standards of passport photographs and what can and cannot be submitted, visit to access the Passport Agency website, or call 213 924 076.

Because of the new security features, biometric passports will be more expensive. Issue of a passport to a child under 16, valid for five years, is 92 euros (currently 70 euros). Issue of an adult 10-year passport is 142 euros (currently 107 euros).

Please note that the increased fees will apply to all passports received after May 19, 2006.

British Embassy, Lisbon