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British Consul meets Algarve Resident team  

British Consul to the Algarve, Paul Rodwell, visited the Algarve Resident offices in Lagoa on Friday, January 9.

He was welcomed by Editor Inês Lopes, who showed him around the premises and introduced him to the team.

Following a brief explanation of the history of the Algarve Resident, Paul Rodwell commented that the new look newspaper is a breath of fresh air for 2009.

“The British consulate and the Algarve Resident share similar roles in that we both work for the community,” he said.

“It is important to be there for others. The consulate in Portimão is a prime example of this.”

Paul Rodwell took up his position as British Consul to the Algarve on September 15 last year. “I don’t know everything that a consul needs to know but I want to learn and that is why I still go back to the UK to receive training from the Foreign Commonwealth Office,” he said.

His background in the hotel industry was vital in his decision to apply for a consular position: “Customer care is key if you are a hotel manager, or hold a diplomatic position. You have to look after people, listen to them and assist them with their different needs,” he said.

The Algarve Resident team with Paul Rodwell
The Algarve Resident team with Paul Rodwell

Editor Inês Lopes said: “We are delighted that the British Consul took time to visit our offices and meet our team. We thank him for that. His approachable manner and genuine concern for others will no doubt contribute to his success in his role.”

The Algarve Resident team wishes Paul Rodwell all the success in the future.

The British Consulate in Portimão is located at Edificio A Fábrica (next to the Mitsubishi dealership) in Avenida Guanaré. It is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm.

To contact the consulate, please telephone (00351) 282 490 750, Fax (00351) 282 414 054 or email [email protected]. The consulate also provides a 24-hour emergency service: please call (00351) 213 924 000. Alternatively, visit the website by clicking on the link on the right.