British Community Council chairman retires

news: British Community Council chairman retires

IF YOU live in the Lisbon area and the name Andy Bull is mentioned, most people will know who he is. This stalwart of the British community has been the chairman of the British Community Council (BCC) for many years, however, last week was a sad occasion for him, as he stood down from the post.

Andy chaired his last BCC Annual General Meeting before handing over the reigns to Greg Leadbeater, who will undoubtedly continue Andy’s good work. To mark the occasion, a large number of members and friends gathered at the Estoril Golf Club to thank Andy for his work and to dine with him in the club’s restaurant. Andy was toasted and, as a mark of respect for all his years of commitment, members presented him with a book on Trafalgar. The Resident wishes Andy a long and happy retirement.

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