British child drowns in tragic pool accident

A five-year-old British boy died on August 21 after drowning in the swimming pool of a holiday home in Armação de Pêra, where he and his family were spending holidays.

The authorities were alerted to the incident at 12.45pm and an ambulance from the Albufeira fire department was immediately sent to the scene.

A source from the rescue operations department in the Algarve (Centro Distrital de Operações de Socorro/Proteção Civil) confirmed to the Algarve Resident that the boy died at the scene despite resuscitation attempts by the INEM medical teams.

Neighbours were alerted to the incident after hearing screams coming from the residence. The boy was on holiday with his parents and two siblings.

The Portuguese association for child safety APSI advises parents to be extra vigilant when children are playing by, or in, the pool and recommends that no toys are left floating in the water as children are attracted by these.