tim peake dust cloud.jpg

British astronaut photographs dust cloud over Portugal

Up in space until June, British astronaut Tim Peake has been busily photographing unusual aspects of earth, including an impressive dust cloud that started to settle over Portugal and Spain last weekend.

The cloud blew into southern Europe from Morocco, say weather experts, bringing with it “warm temperatures”, but winds are already seeing it dissipate – and with this process, temperatures are expected to drop by the weekend.

As for Peake’s photo, it has been shared more than 2500 times over Twitter, gathering over 3300 ‘likes’.

The jovial British astronaut is on a six-month space mission based at the International Space Station in what is called “low Earth orbit”.

Dubbed Principia, after Isaac Newton’s the Principia Mathematica, it involves Peake and teammates Yuri Malenchenko and Timothy Kopra performing all manner of ‘experiments’ to test the laws of motion and how they are affected by the weightlessness of space.