British ambassador thanks life-saving surfers.jpg

British ambassador thanks life-saving surfers

ON HIS first official visit to the Algarve, the new British Ambassador, Alexander Ellis, took the time to personally thank the three surfers who saved the lives of three British children on Tonel beach, Sagres, in October.

The three surfers, João Climaco, Rui Ribeiro and his twin brother João Ribeiro, all aged 16, arrived at the Hotel Garbe in Armação de Pêra last Thursday to meet the Ambassador.

After speaking to the surfers privately and thanking them for their bravery, the Ambassador spoke to the waiting press.

“I am very grateful to these boys for all that they did” said Alexander Ellis, adding: “If ever they need anything they are very welcome to come and talk to me.”

After this, the Ambassador attended a dinner at the hotel to meet various members of the British and Portuguese community, including the civil governor, Isilda Gomes.

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