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British Ambassador says Portugal is ideal business partner

By Inês Lopes [email protected]

During her first official visit to the Algarve, British Ambassador Jill Gallard attended a BPCC dinner on Wednesday, October 19, evening, where she spoke of her work in boosting trade between the UK, Portugal and new emerging economies.

Since taking up her post as Ambassador in July, Jill Gallard has been involved in fulfilling some of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s main objectives, which have a strong focus on economic issues.

Speaking to an audience of business people from all over Portugal, the Ambassador said she wishes to work towards attracting new emerging economies to help boost the UK’s trade, and thus its economy, and is looking to Portugal for help in developing this.

With an eye on Brazil and Angola, whose economies have shown “very positive” economic performances, the British Embassy in Lisbon, through its UK Trade & Investment Team, is working to partner with Portugal in helping to forge business links with those countries.

“Portugal alone is the 11th biggest market in the EU for the UK, representing €3 billion in bilateral trade per year,” said Jill Gallard.

“I look forward to further developing the deep relationship between the UK and Portugal, and as we all know, we are one of the oldest alliances in the world.”