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British Airways offers new Club World service

BRITISH AIRWAYS has invested 100 million pounds sterling in launching its new Club World business club service, which offers a new generation of business class seats.

The new bed style seats are 25 per cent wider, now with a total width of 25.25 inches, 5.25 inches wider than their predecessor and are said to offer travellers more privacy, comfort and storage space.

The seat also has a ‘z’ position, which supports the knees and back. The bed will increase from six feet to six feet and six inches when in the ‘z’ setting.

New privacy screens have been introduced, which are an industry first and have not previously been used in aviation. Electronically operated, they separate each pair of facing seats, but more importantly, they are made out of a revolutionary material called Lumisty. The material allows cabin crew to see through it when standing next to the seat, yet to the passenger opposite, the screen will appear opaque.

While passengers enjoy the new comfort of their seats, they can also entertain themselves with the new Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD) system, which sees each seat installed with a dedicated entertainment system with a selection of 100 films and TV shows, 70 CDs, 20 games as well as radio channels and audio books.

Customers can also make their way to the Club Kitchen to help themselves to hot and cold snacks between meals. They can select from a range of wines, beers and soft drinks and snacks such as noodles, pasta, salads and sandwiches.

Improvements have also been made to cabin lighting to create a more welcoming feel and customers will now benefit from shoulder height lighting for reading and working.

The roll out of the new cabins will take place over 18 months, the first plane to be in the air with the new Club World design will take off at the end of this month.