CNN Portugal /TVI reports from the scene that the victims wounds were to the chest

Brit stabbed to death in Albufeira apartment complex

Killing follows “night out on town” with holiday flatmate

A British tourist (see update below), aged between 25-30, died yesterday, after being found unconscious with multiple stab wounds in an Albufeira holiday complex. 

According to reports, police investigating have arrested a suspect “also British” who was staying in the same apartment as the victim.

The pair had been together during a night out “before the crime”, says Correio da Manhã, explaining that a “disagreement” followed.

Authorities were alerted to the horror around 7am, when a call came through about ‘a sudden death’ in Beco da Correeira.

Fireighters scrambled a ‘pre hospital emergency team’ “but when it got to the scene it found a very different situation” to the one described in the alert.

“The victim was lying close to a wall and had suffered various stab wounds”, says the paper.

A VMER reanimation vehicle was activated, “but after long minutes of reanimation efforts, death was declared” by an INEM doctor.

GNR police then found “another man, inside the apartment (shared with the victim) with a knife in his hands”.

The man’s hands were bloody, and he appeared disoriented, says CM.

Theories this far are that the stabbing took place under the effect of drugs and alcohol.

The arrested man is due to be presented before a magistrate later today.


Jornal de Notícias (and sources in UK) suggest both the dead man, and the suspect, came from Northern Ireland.

JN says the pair had been on holiday in Portugal on other occasions.

JN’s report raises the possibility that the stabbing took place in the apartment the men were sharing, with the victim then leaving in an attempt to raise the alarm.

According to JN’s story, the stabbing took place some hours before the body was discovered.

The body was found “in cardiorespiratory arrest, with cadaveric stiffness and incisive wounds in the chest”.

The suspect is described as a man in his 20s. JN’s report suggests his clothes were bloodstained (not just his hands).

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