Brit runs for Faro Hospital

Earlier this summer, Ian and Ann Priest were holidaying in Cabanas with their family when they suffered a nasty shock. This inspired Ian to take part in the Great North Run in England this Sunday (September 26).

After a lovely day on the beach, Ann Priest began to suffer what she thought was indigestion, but it turned out to be much more serious. After realising that the indigestion tablets were not working, Ann went to the SOS centre in Tavira, where she was seen immediately by Dr. Jean-Pierre. It was just 10 minutes until an ambulance arrived on the scene and Ann was whisked off to the intensive care unit in Faro hospital.

The Priests’ explained how an escort car remained in front of the ambulance for the entire journey, blocking off entry to all roundabouts, so that the ambulance did not have to slow down or stop once during the journey. It transpired that two arteries to Ann’s heart were very badly blocked and she was operated on immediately. Three hours later, her husband Ian was allowed to go in and see her. “The medical attention and nursing care were second to none,” explains Anthea Priest, who was with Ann and Ian at the time. “And although Ann speaks no Portuguese, the staff’s kindness to her was unlimited.”

Ann is making a full recovery and will hopefully return to work in the near future. The Priests were all so impressed by the quick, attentive treatment they received and, in particular, the team that dealt with their emergency, from the people who initially handled the crisis call to the operating staff. In order to show their gratitude, they decided to do something. So, this Sunday, 56-year-old Ian Priest is taking part in the Great North Run in support of the intensive care unit at Faro Hospital. He is running as number 40020 and wearing a T-shirt with FARO HOSPITAL printed clearly across it. Good luck Ian!