Brit accused of murdering his partner goes on trial in Portimão

The British man accused of murdering his long-term partner in the Algarve almost a year ago is due to stand trial in Portimão on Monday morning.

Nigel Jackson, 60, has been held in preventive custody in Silves jail since the body of 72-year-old grandmother Brenda Davidson was found wrapped in tarpaulin and buried under concrete in the couple’s back garden near Alcalar.

The macabre story lurched every which way after Jackson led police to his former partner’s grave on January 6.

At first he was reported to have said his partner killed herself, and that he buried her in the garden to be near deceased animals that the pair loved so much.

This story, refuted by Brenda’s youngest son – who claimed there were no animals buried near his mother’s makeshift grave – then changed to one where Jackson said he found his partner in a pool of blood following a break-in.

The Resident has even been in receipt of a letter from Jackson, in which he accused Mrs Davidson’s son of ‘stealing’ his parrot as Jackson awaited trial in custody.

Yesterday (Thursday), national tabloid Correio da Manhã set out a scenario which suggested prosecutors have little doubt that Jackson killed his former partner.

The motive, claims CM, was to enable Jackson to start living with another woman, using Brenda Davidson’s possessions and property.

“He sold the gold and spent his victim’s money”, writes CM.

Jackson’s defence will be presenting the case for their client in front of Mrs Davidson’s son Dean who has been waiting all these months for what he calls “closure”.

“We simply want to see justice done,” the former policeman told us (see: EXCLUSIVE: Alcalar’s “body-in-garden” murder victim “lived in fear”).

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