Bringing stones to life

news: Bringing stones to life

TIM AND Sue Stamp have recently settled in the Algarve where they hope to continue their very successful UK business in natural stone refurbishment and maintenance. After carefully looking at the market in the Algarve and talking with individuals and companies alike, it quickly became apparent that not only was this unique service not being offered to homeowners but that there was a real need for professional business of this type.

Stone Care Services (SCS) has been actively involved with the refurbishment and maintenance of all natural stone surfaces – floors, patios, vanity tops, fireplaces, shower surrounds and so on – for many years. Specialising in all types of natural stone – marble, granite, limestone, ceramics and terracotta – SCS can quickly regain a floor’s natural beauty and depth of colour by using a combination of chemicals and specialised machinery.

Over time, any stone surface will become dull and lacklustre through foot traffic, food or drink staining and the incorrect use of cleaning materials. This is where Tim’s expertise in this highly skilled niche market comes to the fore – he is able to regain a stone’s natural lustre without the need to undertake an expensive replacement.

Unsightly stains and scratches can be removed (in most cases completely) to reveal the original surface once again. Sealing of surfaces against staining is another important aspect of the work undertaken by SCS.

Stone Care Services can offer advice on all stone surface types while suggesting techniques for their refurbishment and ongoing maintenance. The process of refurbishment is quick, dust and odour free – and the cost is extremely reasonable. Contact Tim now for a free quotation or just advice on any stone refurbishment queries you may have. Mobile 919 498 258 or email [email protected]