“Bring Your Own Vinyl” celebrates ten years in the Algarve

To celebrate, Faro’s Musicians Association is hosting a “Bring Your Own Vinyl” event every last Saturday of the month.

Inspired by the Bring Your Own Vinyl (BYOV) event concept, enjoyed the world over by vinyl lovers, Discossauro (DJ Miguel Neto’s stage name) has organised events in the Algarve since 2013.

To celebrate ten years of existence in the region, a BYOV event will be held on the last Saturday of each month at the Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos (ARCM) in Faro, following a partnership started in 2022.

Other sessions will also be scheduled in other parts of the Algarve (to be announced) to cement a network between various regional associations.

During the first edition of the year, on February 25, between 14:00 and 19:00, two turntables and a mixing table will be available for anyone who wants to share the music they are spinning at home.

There will also be a Vinyl Fair, with sellers from all over the Algarve and beyond.

These events are great opportunities for all vinyl and music lovers to share their passion.

The event is free for permanent members of the Association and has a cost of €0.50 for temporary members.

Details of this event can be found here.