Customer using her own packaging at Intermarché Lagos

Bring your own packaging to Intermarché Lagos

You can now reuse your packaging in traditional sections of Intermarché Lagos.

With the motto “a reused package is a disposed package avoided”, Intermarché Lagos pioneers another measure of environmental sustainability within the Os Mosqueteiros group. The hypermarket is introducing a project aimed at reducing single-use plastics. Now customers can bring their glass or clear plastic food containers to collect products and meals from particular sections of the store.

Following the group’s sustainability plan, Intermarché Lagos reinforces its commitment to providing ecological solutions for its customers. Committed to reducing the use of plastic, the hypermarket launches the option for those who, like the company, want to reduce their ecological footprint through a simple change of habits. For the time being, this is exclusive to the ready-to-eat, bakery, charcuterie, butcher and fishmonger sections. “This will allow our customers to replace the current disposable packaging from the ready-to-eat section and even the plastic wrappers from the delicatessen, which are often not recycled. We hope this will save them a lot of work, since they will no longer need to transfer products from plastic packaging to Tupperwares at home,” explains the hypermarket marketing and communications officer.

Naturally, this opportunity means containers must fulfill certain specifications: Containers need to have the logo that indicates that it is suitable for contact with food; they must be clean, dry, odor free and in good condition and they cannot have any mention of labeling (list of ingredients, expiration dates). They must also close properly. Once an Intermarché employee checks the container, they subtract the weight of the customer’s packaging to weigh only the produce in the box.

“For some time now we have received feedback from customers who wanted to see this change and who support the actions we have implemented in our stores within the field of environmental responsibility,” states the group’s marketing officer. “Not only was this project in our action plan for the year, but our customers show clear interest and concern about plastic packaging on a daily basis. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility, both for companies and for ordinary people, and that we all have to move towards a more attentive and conscious attitude towards what and how we consume.”

This project, which is being tested at Intermarché Lagos, is expected to be expanded soon to the stores in Aljezur and Alvor. Learn more about this exceptional project in the Algarve.

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