Bring the Algarve to life in the winter

Dear Editor,

I’m happy to see the Algarve coming to life once again this month with a variety of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Year after year, we go from packed beaches and shopping centres and tons of festivals and fairs in the summer to deserted streets and a much shorter list of events the rest of the year, except for the Christmas season.

Tourism authorities repeatedly guarantee that their focus is on eliminating seasonality, but the Algarve still essentially relies on the business it receives June through September.

It would be nice to see more things happening during the low season, even if it is just for us locals.

Boosting business doesn’t only mean bringing more tourists in, but also giving locals a reason to get out of the house and spend money.

Supporting the creation of more events and promoting them more efficiently among residents could keep the Algarve moving during the winter, instead of turning into a ‘ghost region’.

Michael Johnson
Armação de Pêra