Bring a smile to a child this Christmas

By ELOISE WALTON [email protected]

Foreign residents from across the Algarve and abroad have responded positively to the Algarve Resident’s plea in the December 11 edition, to help bring smiles to children living in sheltered homes and orphanages across the region this Christmas.

With just a few days left until Christmas, however, there is still time to bring festive cheer to the many disadvantaged children living in homes across the region.

Local Welsh artist David Haynes told the Algarve Resident this week that Christmas came early at the Pirilampos children’s home in the council of Albufeira with help from some British friends and removals company Algarve Removals.

After telling his friends Rita and Graham Lockett from Torquay in the UK  about the home, they soon amassed dry and tined food, clothes, toys, sweets, books, art materials and lots of goodies for the Pirilampos children’s home.

“After exhausting lots of options, Algarve Removals agreed to ship the load door to door for free,” he said.

Meanwhile, British tourist Karen Poole from Oldham Manchester contacted David Haynes to see how she could help Pirilampos after reading an article published in the Algarve Resident.

Karen raised 600 euros, which was spent at wholesale shop Makro to buy food, nappies and other necessities for the children, which was again delivered free of charge by Algarve Removals.

“Vera Silvestre, the director of Pirilampos children’s home was over the moon,” said David Haynes.

Vera Silvestre told the Algarve Resident: “We care for 18 children at Pirilampos from the age of 10 months until 12 years of age.” She added: “We have our Christmas party organised, but we always welcome donations of food, toiletries and money.”

If you would like to help the Pirilampos children’s home, please telephone 289 542 515.

Editor’s note: We are aware that there are many more children’s homes across the Algarve that need your support this Christmas and wish we could provide a space in our publication for all of them. Unfortunately, that is not possible. If you would like to help a children’s home near you this Christmas, please contact us on 282 342 936.