Briefly Business

• Real estate experts Cushman & Wakefield last week said it had achieved revenue in line with 2011 in 2012, despite it being one of the worst years in decades in terms of real estate activity. C&W said most of its revenue came from non-transaction-based services like building management, evaluations and project management.

• The Tivoli tourism group saw its revenue rise 5% in 2012, driven mainly by strong growth in Brazil and in the Algarve. France and Ireland also saw strong growth, while revenue fell overall in Portugal and Spain.

• Clothing retailer Throttleman said last week it plans to shutter some of its stores in Portugal and reduce its staff numbers as it tries to pay down its €34m debt to the state and various banks. The company, meanwhile, is opening stores in high-potential markets like Angola.

• It now takes more than a year to sell a house, according to the Imovirtual Market Index for real estate, published last week. According to the study, the average time to sell a house was 16 months, and five months to find a rental customer.

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