Briefing on tolls delayed

A press conference today (Friday) about the new tolls system on the A22-Via do Infante has been delayed twice.

Via Verde, the entity responsible for managing the electronic tolls system in Portugal, initially scheduled the meeting for 11am today at Hotel de Faro in Faro.

But late on Wednesday the organisation sent an email to members of the press to inform them of a time change to 12 noon.

When Algarve Resident journalist Sophie McCarrick prepared to enter the conference room at the hotel late this morning, she was informed of yet another time change – with the meeting now being held at 3pm.

When asked for the reason for the latest delay, a Via Verde spokesman apologised for the inconvenience and said one of the speakers at the meeting had had “problems with his car” on the way to the Algarve and it was necessary to delay the meeting until this afternoon.

A report about the meeting will be available on www.algarveresident.com as soon as possible today.