Pensioner stampede: 97,000 new pensions attributed in just seven months

Brexit turmoil sees British government reiterate pledge over expat pensions

The British government has announced that it will continue to uprate the UK State Pension paid to people living in any EU countries “whatever happens with Brexit”.

In line with guidance passed in December last year, any Brit living in the EU, European Economic Area or Switzerland, will continue to receive benefits and pensions, including any rises which may occur within them.

Said reports in the Spanish press, the UK State Pension has already been uprated in the EU for the year April 2019 to March 2020 and the government has now committed to uprating the money paid until March 2023 “in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal”.

With the way ahead still as confusing as ever, ‘Sur in English’ news service – running in Andalucia – stresses that the British government has said it plans to negotiate an agreement with the EU to make sure UK State Pensions for those living in the EU will continue to be uprated in the longer term.

Sur relays readers to the British Government guidance issued nine months ago:

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