Brexit race hate

Dear Editor,

I read your article regarding Fátima in South London (last week’s edition). I have lived in England for 46 years, moving here at the age of 10.

In all that time, both at school and places of work, I have always fitted in and never felt I didn’t belong until (Brexit) Friday when all these very sad and ignorant ways began.

One of the organisations I have worked for has been the British Red Cross, where I dealt with refugees and survivors of concentration camps, mainly through the International Tracing Service provided by the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

The stories I heard from those victims and how it all started worries me.

As I said, I had never felt different. However, I personally have received unwelcome comments and have lost a long-term friend who, born in Portugal, has a British passport, obtained when she married an Englishman.

She voted “Out” and when I questioned why she did that, she said it was because she didn’t want any more foreigners in the UK, where her son was born, and his friends then proceeded to be abusive and make racist remarks on Facebook.

It’s sad that these people can have such little minds and can feel themselves so insecure and inferior that they have to resort to the behaviour that is happening all over the UK against hard-working people who are going about their daily lives minding their own business.

These are bullies, and bullies are insecure people, so Fátima should not feel belittled or inferior. She is 100 times better than the parasites that, to make themselves feel better, have to resort to such behaviour. Shame on them!

Maria Wright
By email