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SITUATED AT the back of São Brás de Alportel, Brazmaq offers an extremely wide range of services in the areas of machinery, transport and storage.

Brazmaq, named after São Brás and the Portuguese word máquinas (machines), was opened in 1999 by Peter Chester-Browne. The Brazmaq site comprises his workshop, storage areas and his home, where he lives with his wife, son and two dogs, which provide 24-hour security. Peter moved to the Algarve in 1988 and, after working in various industries, he decided on opening his own metals and mechanics business, following in his father’s footsteps, who was an engineer.

The main services Peter offers are engineering, mechanical fabrications and repairs, much of which is done from his workshop. Brazmaq also offer transport services nationally and internationally. He has a lorry fitted with a moving crane that can self load and unload, as well as being able to also access ramps for moving vehicles. He also specialises in moving wood, machinery, trees, mobile homes, pallets, boats, and containers.

If you are in need of certain tools or machinery, Brazmaq will rent them out to you, and even arrange delivery if required. You can rent a cement mixer, a generator, a range of saws and drills ranging in price from 10 to 55 Euros per day, with half-day rentals also available. In addition, the company’s website offers an online database, where you can buy and sell equipment. It is free to register it online, or alternatively, you can go and see Peter in person where he’ll give you a free quote

The Brazmaq site holds secure dry containers for long or short-term storage at a cost of six euros per cubic metre so, for example, one 12-metre storage cabinet (70 cubic metres) would cost 420 euros a month. In addition to all these services, Brazmaq also organises translation services, fencing, building and renovation work and will also deliver logs if you’re ever in need of wood for your fire.

Brazmaq’s client base is predominantly Portuguese, but it does also attract individual and group clients of other nationalities. For Peter, “everyday is different, as I offer such a diverse and varied type service.” He also goes out for jobs such as maintaining pipework on golf courses, and is on call for any emergency work that needs doing.

When busy, the company can have up to 60 jobs going on at a time, as there are few competitors that offer such a wide range of services. When asked what makes his business stand out from others, he replied, ‘”Punctuality. It’s very important to me that every job is done on time,” which does stand out as a unique asset to have in the Portuguese industry.

In the future, Peter is looking to expand the business in line with demands in areas such as new tools, extra storage space and more transport vehicles.

Tel 289 845 551 Fax 289 845 710 [email protected]