Brazilian President’s popularity dashed by protests

A 27% plunge in the popularity of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was registered in the first week of June, according to a survey by the Datafolha institute.

Due to this fall, from 57% to 30%, Rousseff decided not to appear at the final of the FIFA Confederations Cup where she had already been booed by the crowd during the official opening of the competition.

A total of 25% of those people interviewed believe that the President’s management is “bad or terrible”, reflecting a 16% increase since the previous analysis.

The positive ratings of her economic management were also damaged by the recent wave of protest in which only 27% of the interviewees believe it is positive, as opposed to the 49% registered previously. Similarly, more people believe that the rate of inflation will increase, that unemployment will rise and that the purchasing power is going to plummet.

During a time of social and economic hardship, thousands of protestors have been taking to the streets of Brazil’s main cities to fight the government’s austerity measures and contest the amount of public money that is being spent on major sports events, such as the FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.