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Brave Lucy

Dear Editor,

My name is Linda Clayman and I help to raise funds for Canil São Francisco in Loulé.

On January 2, builders went back to work in the house near where I live .The occupants were away for Christmas and New Year. Cuddled up behind a low wall in the garden we found a very frail, cold, starving, but still beautiful little dog who had just given birth to five tiny puppies. I gently stroked her and waited while my husband got a blanket, water and a little food.

I telephoned my colleague at the canil, who came to help. I slipped a collar and lead on to the mother and transferred her and her puppies into the car. She was starving, tired and very frail, but oh so gentle even though she was frightened.

We took her to receive veterinary treatment, which I will pay for. The puppies were no more than 24-hours-old when I found them. The mother, who I have now named Lucy, stayed at the veterinary clinic over night.

Lucy and three of her puppies are still with the vet, we had to make the decision to put two to sleep.

When she is well enough and the puppies old enough, they will go to the canil and I hope we can find a loving home for this very brave, gentle little dog and her puppies.

I have started a website: to try to make people aware of how important it is to have animals spayed, as well as an adopt a dog scheme. If anyone finds a stray animal the chances are more dogs or cats are roaming around our streets starving, diseased and dying.

We want to attract people to come to the Algarve, no one wants to see a starving dying animal. We are desperate for any kind of donations – food, blankets, collars and leads and most of all euros to help with the spaying and to help ease the suffering of our so called best friends.



The Editor responds;

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your letter. Unfortunately your story is not an uncommon one. If any of our readers would like to help her cause, email Linda at [email protected]