Partial view of the inside of TripleSky Agency office in Faro

Branding meets Marketing

Dedicated to branding and marketing, TripleSky Agency is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year with hundreds of projects in its portfolio, mainly linked to the real estate and hospitality sectors.

The head office is in Faro, but TripleSky, a branding and marketing agency specialising in real estate and hospitality, has projects all over the world. In the Algarve, for example, they were involved in the branding of the Ombria Resort, One Green Way, Quinta do Lago, Well, Bovino, Mapro, One Select Properties and Quinta Shopping, to name a few.

With 15 years in their résumé, at TripleSky creating a brand goes far beyond a logo. “The most important thing for us is to offer a cohesive brand experience. Specialising in real estate and hospitality allows us to have a wider understanding of each stage of the process in order to bring more to the table than simply execute the brief and, in this way, lower the clients’ risk,”says Bruno Fonseca, founder of the agency. This is why TripleSky has been following a “place living” concept that seems to be an innovation in the Algarve but which can already be found in large metropolitan areas. “It allow us to develop and reach another level. At TripleSky, we believe that building a brand is a team work and should bring together interior designers, architects and landscapers to share their creative visions. The brand has to be represented all around. This is how we achieve the best result,” says Bruno Fonseca. According to him, “a brand must encompass all the connections created between a person and a service”, be it a hotel, a real estate agency or a restaurant.

And before getting to a brand’s visual component, Bruno Fonseca and Patrícia Ponte also work hard to understand the brand strategy, who the client is, the target audience and the competition.

And how does one achieve this symbiosis? At TripleSky it’s easy, as they have an extensive network of partners. “First, we define the brand and then we network with partners according to need. One thing is always certain, we work with the best in each segment”, and many are international: “Ukrainian programmers, Mexican illustrators, British copywriters; the scale models come from Ireland and the 3D work from Brazil. Locally, we have people responsible for the promotional videos and films”, the founder explains.
It is an exceptional, detailed job, which ensures that the brand reaches its maximum potential.

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Bruno Fonseca and Patrícia Ponte, founders of TripleSky Agency

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