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Bragaparques scandal

FORMER LISBON president and prime minister Pedro Santana Lopes could face court over the current Bragaparques scandal.

The Ministério Público has asked the Assembleia da Republica to lift parliamentary immunity afforded to MPs in the case of Pedro Santana Lopes (PSD), Helena Lopes da Costa (PSD) and Vasco Franco (PS), who may be heard as witnesses in the Bragaparques court case.

The President of the Ethics Commission, José Matos Correia confirmed that the MPs, all formerly Lisbon Câmara officers when Santana Lopes was mayor, could be called as witnesses.

The Bragaparques scandal that has engulfed Lisbon Câmara involves the illegal and underhand exchange of plots of land at Parque Mayer and the former Feira Popular site at Entrecampos.

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