Braga beehive plunderer caught “red handed”

While this year has seen more than 32 attacks on ATM machines, a very different kind of thieving has been dogging the district of Braga. Beehives have been ‘plundered’. Someone extremely determined has been literally removing honey from hives, and making off with it in this summer’s increasingly high temperatures.

But perhaps not for any longer.

A 50-year old-man was arrested last weekend after being caught, explains, Correio da Manhã, “red handed” at 10.30pm in a rural area of Póvoa de Lanhoso.

Close by police recovered two beekeeper suits, special beekeeper gloves and equipment, and a large container capable of taking up to 300 kilos of honey.

The trouble was that the man’s two accomplices managed to avoid arrest by disappearing into the darkness of scrubland beside the hives.

Thus the beekeeping burghers of Braga remain on tenterhooks, desperate to save their harvests from pilfering honey-robbers but unable to be(e) everywhere at all times.