It is hard enough today for professionals to keep up to date with changes in legislation regarding taxation and incentives, so what chance do small business people have?

You’re probably too busy just doing the day-to-day chores of keeping the business going and trying to make money to bother about that – and anyway, isn’t that what your accountant is meant to do? However, a small investment of time and money could save you a fortune.

The British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) in the Algarve has organised a seminar to tell you exactly how much your company should be paying, what you can claim back and what incentives are available for small companies. The speakers are professionals who work with these issues all the time on behalf of their clients, and so they know how the system works – and how it can best work for you.

The speakers are Aníbal Moreno, an Almancil-based accountant and President of the Almancil Business Association, Dr Pedro Pais de Almeida, a Lisbon-based lawyer specialising in taxation, commercial and financial law, and Dr João Rodrigues, head of IAPMEI in Faro: IAPMEI is the body that controls funding from the EU. Dr Pedro Pais de Almeida takes the place of the previously publicised speaker, who is unable to attend.

This seminar is open to everyone, BPCC members or not. It is to be held at the Montechoro Hotel, Albufeira, on Wednesday May 19, starting at 10.30am, and costs 30 euros for members and 35 euros for non-members. Information and reservations: Judy Sharp, Director of the BPCC in the Algarve – 966 108 605 or email [email protected]