Boy shot by brother in hunting accident leaves hospital

Tomás Rocha, the eight-year-old boy “accidentally shot” by his brother while the two were out hunting with an air gun near their grandparents’ house in Bouça, Paredes (click here), has finally left hospital.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, the information was confirmed by the boy’s family.

Tomás was described as being in “serious condition” when he was admitted to the intensive care unit at Porto’s São João Hospital two weeks ago, with a pellet said to have penetrated one of his lungs.

The case dates back to Sunday, August 21 when the two brothers were out “hunting pigeons” with an air gun. Diogo, the older brother of Tomás, apparently has a “love for guns” and had been out hunting with his sibling several times before.

This time, however, the trip went wrong when Diogo is said to have accidentally fired a shot while reloading the gun.

The two were still able to get home and ask for help, with “blood running down Tomás’ chest and Diogo in a panic”, the boy’s cousin Cátia Gomes told CM.

PJ police are investigating, nonetheless.