Boy finds whole potato in bag of crisps

A young boy sat down to a lunch time snack, only to find a whole potato inside his bag of crisps.

Adam Brazier, from Bournemouth, was shocked to find just a small potato inside a bag of McCoy’s bag of salt and vinegar crisps from a multipack.

His mother, Lucy, 30, had given her son the bag of crisps and said that the bag did not feel heavier than usual. She said that it was like a frozen potato and it was lucky that her son wasn’t younger as he may have tried to eat it.

As it was the last bag in the multipack and all that was in the bag of crisps was the potato, he had to resort to sharing his younger brother’s bag of crisps.

Lucy Brazier said she had written to McCoy’s to tell them it has put the family off buying their products in the future.