Boy, 9, shot in lung after air gun accident while “hunting” with brother, 14

A nine-year-old boy is in hospital after being “accidentally shot” in the lung by his older brother, 14, while the two were reportedly out hunting with an air gun near their grandparents’ house in Bouça, Paredes on Sunday afternoon (August 21).
The pellet is said to have penetrated one of the boy’s lungs, leaving him in “serious condition”.

Tomás Rocha is currently in intensive care at Porto’s São João Hospital, and his condition is described as “stable”.

An investigation by the PJ criminal police is underway, though GNR police in Porto say “everything indicates this was an accident”. Details regarding the boys’ parents/legal guardians are scarce, but an inquiry to determine how the children came to be in the possession of a loaded air gun and who should be held responsible has been opened.

According to CMTV, the siblings were “hunting pigeons” when the accident happened.

The shot apparently happened when Tomás’ older brother Diogo was reloading the gun.

He told CMTV that he usually told his brother to “stay behind him”, but this was not the case on Sunday.

Diogo was described as still being in “shock” and, in tears, said that all he wants is for his younger brother to recover.