Bowls summer league starts

The Summer Bowling League began on Thursday, May 3, with a beautiful spring morning. All the club teams have taken on their summer names, which vary from their winter league names, just to differentiate.

The summer league also takes a slightly different format to that of the winter league, being played in a ‘sets format’. That is, the games are played in two sets of nine ends each, with a toss of a coin determining whether the ‘home’ teams or ‘away’ teams play first in each of the first and second set; the ‘home’ and ‘away’ teams being drawn by the organisers at the planning stage.

There are seven clubs along the Algarve represented by nine teams. All the games are played at the same time on the same green, making for a logistical headache for the organisers. As there are nine teams and only eight can play at any one time, there is always one team ‘resting’.

For the first game, the host was Alvor Bowling Club and this first game was hard fought with all teams anxious to get off to a flying start, with as many points on the board as possible to give them a buffer. Pedras Panthers were the most successful this week taking eight points out of 10, with Albufeira Wildcats snapping at their heels taking seven points. Valverde Vikings and Balaia Dolphins both following closely behind on six points each.

Tavira Tigers are yet to score as this week was their turn to rest.