BOWLS REPORT  One to One Car Hire, Saturday League


League leaders ABC Cats travelled to Alvor to play the Greens and were beaten 64-35 and seven points to nil on Saturday (January 17).

PDF Sinners beat the Wanderers with an impressive 60-53 victory and all seven points. Tavira Titans entertained the Harlequins and won by 49-45, although Harlequins took four points to the Titans three. Finally, the Gladiators beat the Tigers at Alvor by 54-39, and by five points to two.

The league table still shows the Cats on top with 44 points. However, the Gladiators move into second on 40 points with Harlequins also on 40. Greens now have 39 points, while Tavira Tigers have 36 and the Wanderers and Titans have 30. Crusaders did not play and stay on 28 points, the Sinners improved to 19 points.

The Thursday league was washed out at Alvor and these matches will be rearranged.

Meanwhile, the Cameron Cup Double fours is reaching the final stages and the Inter Club championships are boiling up nicely at the quarter final stages.