Bowls nearly blown by the wind

Thursday, January 31 was our Super 10’s game. The rain kept away until about the twelfth end and most teams carried on until the fourteenth end, when, as per the rules, games are allowed to be abandoned with the score counting.

Valverde won six points from Alvor who won two; Albufeira took all eight points from Tavira; and Pedras won all eight points from Balaia. The table now has Albufeira with a reasonable lead at 52 points (although Albufeira still has a week to come); Floresta are following closely on 44 points; and Valverde chasing on 39 points. Alvor are the strongest team in the League holding up the table on 21 points.

Saturday, February 2 dawned bright, but with a cold wind. At least the rain from the day before had passed, but the strong wind played havoc with the bowls on the green. Who would have thought the wind could move the bowls as they were travelling? The very cold wind continued throughout the games, but teams managed to complete their games without rain.

In League A, Alvor Scorpions took four points from Floresta Foresters who also won four points; Albufeira Cats won all eight points from Pedras Panthers; Valverde Vipers also took all eight points from Tavira Tigers; whilst Floresta Rangers won six points from Valverde Vulcans who won two points.

League A Table is now very close. What a fight to the end this is going to be! Albufeira Cats is now top of the league on 60 points but following closely behind is Floresta Foresters on 59 points and chasing Valverde Vulcans on 58 points. It’s still anyone’s game. Strongest teams this week are Tavira Tigers on 29 points along with Alvor Scorpions also on 29 points.

League B, Valverde Vikings won six points from Balaia Whalers winning two points; Alvor Amigos won five points from team mates Alvor Rooks who won three points; and Floresta Huntsmen took all eight points from Alvor Greens, whilst Balaia Pods were the resting team this week.

League B table now shows Alvor Amigos at the top with 49 points; chasing closely behind on 44 points is Valverde Vikings, and Floresta Huntsmen closing the gap on 42 points. Plenty of time for things to change again. Alvor Rooks are the team holding the league up from the bottom on 24 points. Three more weeks before the Silverware is decided … it will be a close contest!