Bowls clubs remember friends at Memorial Day

We have moved to the so-called quiet part of the season. All the clubs have settled into enjoying roll-up and playing their own in-house competitions. This part of year also becomes the time for the visiting team season, a busy time for club members. Some clubs have hosted visitors already.

Many of the clubs have lost members over the years, and usually arrange a Memorial Day to remember friends who are no longer with us.

CPO’s Forget-Me-Not afternoon was Monday March 4, with bowlers competing for the Maria Gonçalves and Barry Earl Trophy, which was won by the team of Richard King, Miriam Hare and Roger Crowther.

All funds raised were being donated to Pirilampos Orphanage, Albufeira. Drinks and snacks were held after the game for everyone to circulate. The weather wasn’t kind to us. After the beautiful weather we have enjoyed recently, it turned cloudy and showery during the afternoon, but everyone carried on regardless and had a good time.

Balaia arranged their Memorial Day in memory of Barbara Moss and Tom Sanderson, on Wednesday, March 6 with funds raised being donated to the Albufeira Bombeiros. Lunch followed the game with many teams from other clubs attending and a good day was had by all. The weather for Balaia was only slightly better; showery at the beginning of the day, but turned brighter later in the morning and again, everyone carried on regardless for an enjoyable day.

Next week will be different. It is Finals Week for the Inter-Club Competitions. A very busy week for those skilled players who have fought their way through the early rounds to be finalists. Good luck to all the players, and we are all hoping for good weather to finish the season.


Photo: From left: Richard King, Miriam Hare and Roger Crowther