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Bowls Algarve Winter League

Albufeira Cats are still setting the pace with a three point lead over the Amigos in the Algarve Winter League.

Tavira Tigers climbed one place to third despite losing 3-5 to the Huntsmen at PDF.

Harlequins slipped one place to fourth after losing 2-6 to Cats and the Foresters moved up one place after beating their stable mates Rangers by 6-2.

The Greens had a rest day and went down one place where they have a one point lead over the Huntsmen.

The Gladiators and Rangers are not enjoying the start of the season and they occupy the bottom two places.

After three rounds of the competition the places occupied by the teams in the Winter League are Cats, Amigos, Tigers, Harlequins, Foresters, Greens, Huntsmen, Gladiators and Rangers.

It’s very early days but the Cats are going to be hard to catch as they have only dropped 3 points out of a possible 24.