Bowls Algarve welcomes visitors

Spring was a little kinder to our visitors last week. It fooled us all into thinking it had arrived, and most clubs enjoyed some great games with their visiting teams early in the week. But by Friday, the rain returned forcing some clubs to cancel or re-arrange their games.

Many of this year’s teams are visiting the Algarve for the first time and all promise to return as they have enjoyed themselves so much, despite the cloudy or rainy conditions. All clubs have worked hard with the organisers to ensure the visitors enjoy their time here, contributing to the economic benefit of tourism to the Algarve.

The visiting teams, generally from the UK, are extremely welcome at all clubs, giving all Algarve bowlers a chance to play against others who may or may not be better than themselves but certainly providing a wider experience of play and keeping up the practice before the Summer League begins at the beginning of May.

Some of Bowls Algarve bowlers are also looking forward to and preparing for their visit to Spain at the end of May. This visit takes place each year and is a challenging time for some, as all the games are played on carpet. The Spanish teams usually win, but the Algarve bowlers always look forward to the challenge and have a great time.