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Bowen – affordable pain relief

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-invasive, very effective hands-on therapy and it boasts a positive response rate in the vast majority of treatments.

It is named after its innovator Tom Bowen and involves the therapist using fingers or thumbs to move over muscle, ligament tendon and fascia in various parts of the body.

Lindsey Hanson, who has lived in the Alentejo region for over three years, decided to learn the Bowen technique five years ago after she damaged her back and received the treatment herself with much success.

“I had a treatment and felt so well and strong afterwards that I immediately wanted to learn the technique,” Lindsey Hanson said.

“I am drawn to the simplicity of Bowen, how it works intelligently with the body, rather than using force, yet has such amazing results for so many people covering a wide range of health issues.”

Lindsey treats clients in Portimão, Albufeira and Almancil. As she is moving to Estômbar in October she hopes to be able to treat clients in further locations in the Algarve.

Bowen is economical with your time investment as well; an average back, neck or shoulder pain will respond favourably within three treatments of the technique.

If you are new to Bowen you can find out more by visiting which is available in English, or please call Lindsey Hanson on 936 371 448.

There will also be opportunities for people to try taster treatments at BLIP at stand 219 on September 26 – 27.