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Bounce your way into spring…

Spring is here in more ways than one. The winter is over and perhaps, more importantly, trampolines are available from FJ North.  They are great fun, healthy for you and not as costly as some would imagine.

The laughter they bring and the benefits are more than just psychological. Did you know that every time you land on a trampoline, your body is subjected to twice the force of gravity? This strengthens the musculoskeletal system and helps to prevent osteoporosis.

Like all aerobic exercise, jumping can help you to lose weight and build muscle, but there is also evidence to suggest that it can improve circulation and boost your lymphatic system.

They really do get you fit. If you haven’t been on a trampoline before please take your time getting used to it.  It really is an all over body workout and warming up is highly recommended.

As with any structure you use in play in the garden, the risk of injury has to be respected. When FJ North deliver and assemble a trampoline, they give written guidelines on how to get the most from it in the safest way possible.

Please be advised that trampolines, if installed incorrectly, can be dangerous. All trampolines must be installed on flat earth or turf and not on patio or tile. All FJ North trampoline prices include professional and safe installation in the Algarve, waterproof foam safety pads, safety net enclosure, cover, ladder and tie-down kit.

FJ North trampolines are all-weather circular trampolines. They have galvanised steel tubular frames and springs which come with a no quibble, three year warranty against rust causing failure and a one year warranty on all other parts. The jumping mat is heavy duty and UV protected.

Sizes available are 8ft (525 euros), 10ft (625 euros) and 12ft (725 euros). Prices include delivery, assembly and IVA.

To purchase your trampoline or to view and try out a fully assembled model, please call Suzi Cragg on 912 264 905.