Bottle cap drive to help 19-year-old cancer patient buy prosthetic leg

Bottle cap drive to help 19-year-old cancer patient buy prosthetic leg

A campaign to collect bottle caps and cork stoppers has been launched to help 19-year-old Marta Lamim, an Algarve youngster who had her right leg amputated in November due to her fight against cancer.

The young woman, a resident of Portimão, is battling telangiectatic osteosarcoma, a variant of osteosarcoma which is a cancerous tumour in the bone.

She is being treated in Coimbra and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for months.

Now, her focus is on finding a good prosthetic leg so that she can regain her mobility and live a normal life.

“Currently, there are very good prosthetics that provide a good quality of life, but they are expensive, which is why I’m asking for help. Any help is welcome,” Marta says on the website, which has been created to help her collect bottle tops and cork stoppers which can then be turned into funds for the prosthetic leg.

How much it will cost is still being evaluated by Marta and her family.

To donate your collected bottle caps, all you need to do is visit and search for the nearest collection point. There are many in the Algarve and the number of collection points in other parts of Portugal is increasing by the day.

If you have a business, you can also help out by signing up to become one of the official collection points. Or you can also help by simply making a monetary donation.

Says Marta: “I appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart. Be happy, and please help me be even happier.”

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