Boris Johnson’s Twitter gaffes about Portugal ‘go viral’

Former UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson very possibly never imagined that various gaffes about Portugal made trying to record a clip for Twitter would see the light of day. But see it they have. Not only in a BBC Two documentary, entitled “Inside the Foreign Office”, but repeatedly across social media.

As the ‘irreverent’ MP and fervent Brexiteer floundered through various ‘intros’, the uneasy truth is that this was a man so many people believed when they cast their votes to leave the European Union two years ago.

As reports in Portugal say, filming “did not go as expected”.

During the recording, “Johnson’s assessors had to intervene on numerous occasions to correct the former secretary of State”.

He even came out with one statement that “James Bond was born in Estoril…”

The gaffes were made in Lisbon, in October 2017, when Johnson visited the capital to “discuss Brexit” with Portuguese counterpart Augusto Santos Silva.

For anyone who hasn’t managed a laugh today, (click here).