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Boost for transport and parking in Faro

Faro Municipality has approved a series of measures that will create new bus routes and more parking areas in the city.

A spokesman from Faro Câmara told the Algarve Resident: “Faro needs a new plan to overcome its parking and transport problems and promote better mobility for its citizens.”

The new project aims to extend the public transport network through the creation of new circuits, including a new one to Faro International Airport.

“We will have new bus routes at lower cost,” said the spokesman.

The new measures also include an increase in the number of paid parking areas.

“We want to protect the rights of the local residents and thus they will be given a resident card that allows them to park for free in these new areas.

The new parking areas can be found in Largo de São Pedro, Bocage, Eng. Aboim Sande Lemos, Prof. Franklim Marques, D. Teresa Ramalho Ortigão, PSP, Dr. Pereira de Sousa, Caçadores 4, Dr. Francisco Lázaro Cortes, Reis Dâmaso, Manuel Penteado, José Maria Brandeiro, Albergue and Travessa do Alto.