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Bookshop news

A BOOK signing will be held at Magna Carta Bookshop in Alvor with the author of Sweet Teeth and Loose Bowels, Dr Michael S Berger, on Saturday, May 26, from 11pm to 1pm.

In the book, Dr. Michael S Berger tells his story as a Peace Corps volunteer, living in the Philippines with his wife and three young sons and surviving on 110 pounds sterling a month.

Twenty-eight years later, having lived and worked in many of the poorest countries in Africa and Asia, he retired as a Director General of the Kenya-based African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), the largest non-governmental health organisation on the African continent. It also operates the world famous Flying Doctors. Dr. Berger now lives in the Algarve with his wife.

The author will be donating all royalties he receives from sales of his book to a charity, the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR). The book is priced at 13.50 euros.