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Books to go on sale again as Portugal’s president proposes 11th State of Emergency 

Books are likely to be able to go on sale again in supermarkets once parliament approves the 11th presidential decree today over a renewed State of Emergency in Portugal.

There appears to be majority consensus for the decree – but pressure is mounting on the government to produce a roadmap out of the country’s crippling lockdown.

Says PSD opposition leader Rui Rio, it’s time to “define the numbers at which we deconfine – the number of infected people, the Rt number”. And it’s time to start testing en-masse “preferably through saliva, if this is technically viable”.

Explain reports, President Marcelo’s new decree – taking the country to March 1 – has some other ‘novelties’, beyond releasing book sales.

The first is a recommendation: he wants control exercised over noise levels in apartment blocks – so that citizens remote-working are not constantly disturbed.

Says the decree: “Reduced noise levels in terms of decibels can be determined for certain times of the day in habitational buildings so as not to disturb people working remotely”.

The second is an “order”. The president has ordered the government to define “a phased plan for the reopening (of schools) on the basis of objective criteria and respecting health plans”.

Explain reports, Marcelo also wants “different rules” to be defined for international students. Right now, these are not given dispensation to cross borders, which is compromising young people taking part in the Erasmus programme.

Voting on the 11th presidential decree for a State of Emergency is likely to see smaller political parties push for further ‘concessions’ to the country’s lockdown – even though the government is adamant that it is ‘still too soon’ (click here)

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