Books and crafts in Quarteira

QUARTEIRA’S AVENIDA Marginal is currently holding the sixth edition of the town’s annual Books and Handicrafts Fair until August 15.

During the festival, there will be colourful street theatre performances, bringing to life the characters featured in the children’s books by author Sophia de Mello Breyner. Children can enjoy a large play area featuring educational games, puzzles, paints, books, computers with interactive games, and a space with panels for group painting and collage sessions. Kids can also take part in a project entitled “Vamos aprender a reciclar” (Let’s learn to recycle), which will educate them on what everyday materials can and should be recycled. All of this, as well as various children’s entertainment shows, puppets, clowns and balloon modeling sessions.

Meanwhile, 65 artisans and local food producers will be taking part in the crafts section. Some of the items on display will include ceramics, wooden dolls, jewellery and pottery, and you can also expect to see typical produce from the Algarve such as honey, medronho and traditional liqueurs.

Visiting this festival, organised by Loulé Câmara, is an ideal way to spend the hot evenings of August – just take a leisurely walk and enjoy a profusion of stalls and entertainment.

The fair is open from Sunday to Thursday, from 7pm to midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm to 1am. Entrance is free.