Book on stray animals to be presented in Loulé

Book on stray animals to be presented in Loulé

Book can be purchased directly from the author

The municipal library of Loulé will host a book presentation on Saturday, January 27 by Carlos Filipe, the Algarve’s beloved photographer who last year published his second book Eu Não Quero Morrer Aqui (I Don’t Want to Die Here).

Carlos Filipe is well-known for taking stunning photographs of animals, in many cases in an effort to help find them a forever home.

His latest book has tried to take this goal one step further, featuring “texts and photographs that compile the lives of animals from various parts of the country, with differences and similarities that unite and distinguish them.”

His previous book, Imperfect Friends, had been based on a series of YouTube videos he published which told the story of disabled animals in the Algarve.

Carlos Filipe is originally from Aljustrel in the Alentejo but currently lives in the Algarve. His photography studio is located in Lagoa.

The Loulé book presentation will begin at 3pm and will be free.

As the Resident had already reported in September 2023Eu Não Quero Morrer Aqui is only available in Portuguese for now. Costing €39, the 132-page book can be purchased directly from the photographer and sent anywhere in the world (with delivery fees ranging from €6 within Portugal to €10 within the European Union and €16 outside of the EU).

To purchase the book, you must make a bank transfer (IBAN: PT50003300004530261839205) or transfer the amount via the MBWay app, and then send the proof of payment to email address [email protected], with your name and address. The book will then be sent via post. Call + 351 924 387 898 for more information.